Monday, February 3, 2014

"Wrasslin'" boards

Another assignment for Rad's class. we had to show action, so i chose a Wrasslin' match.

as usual, the story continues after the jump.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prego Vs Ragu.

Another assignment from Rad's class in which rapunzel, Clint Eastwood and Jet Li encounter wikipedia in an arbys. thats the prompt we were given.
enjoy. like before, click to title to see the whole thing after the Jump.

*shouts out to Tom Dipalma for talking about spaghetti sauce at the diner at 3am.

The Astronaut

Im currently enrolled in Rad Sechrist's "How to School" for Storyboarding. here's the first assignment we had in which an astronaut had to encounter danger and escape it.

Story continues after the Jump, so click the title to keep going.


Here are some figure practice from last summer when I felt like I was getting rusty

Digital Sketchbook Dump!

I try to keep a digital sketchbook in between assignments. …in addition to my physical sketchbook, ya know…
It's easy to just open a new photoshop Doc and start sketching out ideas. SO that being said, here are a few digital sketchbook pages!

I know im not the only one who constantly wonders this.


Was listening to alot of Andrew Bird for the past… couple of years. 

I have to stop waiting until ALL my clothes are dirty to do laundry.

Polly and Kirby are an adorable couple of humans (see my Friends links for their pages!)

Most of my ideas come when i run, but sadly, so do most of my blisters.

Sometimes im the only one in the labs. sometimes you need to work comfortably 

Missing the movie theatre.

I spent about 4 years working at the movie theatre back in Manville, New Jersey.
As a projectionist, i was there until the wee hours of the night, usually sitting on the ol' bench with kyle just hanging out.

Advanced Comp and design

My new favorite class at SVA is advanced comp and design with Don Poynter. I really feel like im getting my moneys worth and im enjoying every second of it.

heres a quick observational drawing of Don

Ducking around.

Some Duck Doodles


as for the duck puns, put the damage on my Bill.